As our business increases, so does our need for passionate and dedicated Female Tradie team members. We are looking for women who demonstrate aptitude and attention to detail, along with a strong work ethic. Does this sound like you? Contact Female Tradie director, Penny Petridis for more info

Penny’s Story – The Journey of a Female Tradie

One of the barriers you do experience in the builders trade is trying to get a break in a male dominated industry. I first completed my metal fabrication trade when I finished school, let’s just say many years ago and was lucky enough to gain an apprenticeship, building race cars.

Unfortunately the old man fell sick only just after my first year and had to shut up shop and unfortunately I did not have a job left. I rang every single metal fabrication business there was and there was no chance anyone would take me on for a few reasons but simply for the plain fact that there were not even any female facilities. Luckily enough a training company came along and scooped me up and I was able to finish a metal fabrication engineering construction trade.

Now, almost 20 years after the completion of my carpentry trade, I want to move towards the building trade and it still amazes me that we only have a few women in trades. I too struggle to find contract work with bigger building companies as I feel they still seem to hold this barrier between us and I sense that they still are not quite sure. Luckily enough now these companies are starting to open their minds to female tradies and gradually more and more opportunities are coming our way.

I overcome these barriers by working in my own business, Female Tradie, alongside my sister builder Anna Kay. We prove ourselves through our hard work and quality completed projects. We keep moving forward from job to job because every project I complete creates another believer that female tradies are completely capable of doing the job and every day I still get to fulfil my passion within the building industry.

Penny Petridis – Female Tradie Director

(Excerpt reprinted from Master Builders Association magazine interview)

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